Morning Plan is CHANGED!

“Rushing in the morning? What’s your need to eat? – BakeSick”

My morning day is rushing. Hurry up to do driving practice with my cousin. It’s bad that I wake up late today 😦 Whereas I need to prepare my proper breakfast. What’s needed? What’s simple to make? Confused a little bit. Which one should I pick? That paratha (again) or this puff pastry? It was planned I’d made this for my breakfast. However, time run so fast. It’s 7.30!! God~ I have to do it really fast~ I’m thinking of cooking puff pastry would be take my time to much, since it must be putting in the oven. Then, I put paratha out of refrigerator and cook it inspired by the recipe I plan before.


Folding Paratha with Protein-Salad

Suits to make in a rush! Really~

Yield: 2 servings


  • 2 frozen parata
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 sheets cheese (may used mozarella cheese)
  • 1 cup lettuce
  • pinch of salt, black pepper, chilli powder (add or less as you please)
  • pinch of oregano leaves
  • 2 tbs olive oil


  1. Heat olive oil, put frozen paratha on it. Roast until brownish.
  2. Beat an egg on it. Cook them together. Then put a sheet of cheese on cooked egg. Cook well. Set aside.
  3. Prepare the salad: in a large bowl, mix together lettuce with salt, black pepper, chilli powder, and oregano leaves.
  4. Take 1 prepared paratha, put some salad in it. Fold it. DONE!
  5. Enjoy it with chili or tomato sauce.


EASY EASY EASY! Fast and rushing~ Importantly, never choke when eating this! LOL~



Because of Cheese Plan

Haah~ It’s already came to end of January. It doesn’t feel that long, right? Hmm.. I’ve just get my passion back to do some cooking in my kitchen. Miss them much~ It’s been a while.. What’s now? What am I gonna cook? Then my decision came to CHEESECAKE. I’ve been dreaming to bake this delightful cake. Yuum~ Gonna try my best now 😀

First, I’ve to buy all ingredients that I need. WAIT!! Check the recipe first~ Course I must noted them all on my book. Don’t miss anything, okay~

After that, LET’S SHOPPING!! Don’t know why, I do love shopping at Super Indo. As long as I’ve been doing shopping at many Supermarket, I found that this one is MY BEST PLACE to go. They display and offer almost everything and manage well. Thousand thumbs up for Super Indo 😀 hho~

I’m picking these, those.. Everything that I need, even sometimes hard to decide for buying one item or not. LOL~ After about an hour, TADAA~~ These all were I bought yesterday 🙂

I was so happy that finally I got Olive Oil in my storage. Really adore this stuff cause of its contents. It’s really good for our body and health. Nice~ Btw, I bought the cheapest one. It cost about IDR 56.000 for 200ml. Cheap, right?

Another thing that I found and bought yesterday, this is it! Sobulgogi~ You can read that title that way. You may know one of Korean popular food, BULGOGI, that means as BBQ. I’ve eaten once at one of Korean Restaurant in my city. It tasted quite well. But my second try at Dae Jang Geum., WOW.. It tasted DEADLY YUMMY~~ Really.. You have to try this food, especially if you’re meat lovers.

Ups.. Almost forgot about my cheesecake plan. If you see my purchases I bought lemons, whipped cream, milk, and aluminum foil, these are stuffs that I’m gonna use to make my cheesecake plan tomorrow. Wait and see my action, okay 🙂