Parata With Sausage and Lince Mushroom

“Have a QUALITY breakfast, for your QUALITY times of a day. – BAKEsick”

It’s Tuesday~ And it’s time to have a breakfast. I open my refrigerator, check what’s in it. Ah~ I find my parata bread in freezer. Okay, I decided to eat it. What should I do with this bread? Let me think~


Since I just find Lince mushroom and sausages that I bought couple days a go stay still in my refrigerator, I grab it and cook it.

Easy Parata with Sausage and Lince Mushroom Recipe

It’s really easy and won’t take your time too much.


  • 1 frozen parata
  • 1 sausage
  • 1/4 cup Lince mushroom
  • 1 egg, beaten off
  • 1/4 cup lettuce
  • pinch of salt, pepper, chilli powder (as you please)
  • pinch of oregano leaves
  • 1 tsp English soy sauce
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 1 tbs onion


  1. Heat 1 tbs olive oil on a pan, put frozen parata on it. Roast until brownish. Set aside.
  2. Prepare a beaten off egg on bowl. Mix with pinch of salt, pepper, chilli powder, and oregano leaves. Roast on a pan. Set aside.
  3. Heat 1 tbs olive oil, add onion, sausage, then Lince mushroom. Cook with 1 tsp English soy sauce, salt, pepper, and chilli powder until it’s done.
  4. Serve them on a big plate, order as you like. Enjoy with some chilli sauce.


I love cooking an easy breakfast, cause my stomach can’t wait any longer to get some meal. LOL~



About bakesick

A girl that loves cooking and baking. Sharing her experiences through blogging to give some knowledge for people around the world and get them back as well. Learning more about thousand recipes.

2 responses to “Parata With Sausage and Lince Mushroom

  1. Oh I wish this was my breakfast, or I would like this for lunch. Looks delicious! I love Parata (of course frozen…I want to make it from scratch one day though), and this is a very nice complete meal to start a day! It looks like you just started blogging. Nice to meet you!

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